A Night in Focus: Titian, Tapestries and the Italian Renaissance

Saturday, February 23
5:00–7:30 p.m.

Join us for a lively evening program focused on the loan of Titian’s Lady in White and the exhibition Once Upon a Tapestry: Woven Tales of Helen and Dido. Throughout the evening, enjoy live music in the galleries, a weaving demonstration by tapestry weaver Yadin Larochette, art-making activities for visitors of all ages, Italian-themed food and wine for sale in the café and more. Free with Museum admission. 

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A Night in Focus

Art-Making: Artful Weaving

Explore the art of weaving using cardboard looms and colorful yarn.

Titian's Lady in White

Art-Making: Flag Fans

Create your own flag fan inspired by the one in Titian’s Lady in White.

Art-Making: Collaborative Collage

Collaborate with other patrons to recreate your version of Giovanni Francesco Romanelli’s Dido’s Banquet.

Tapestries were the joint effort of several weavers in a workshop who weaved from an artist’s design or “cartoon.” Create your own drawn adaptation of a section of Giovanni Francesco Romanelli’s cartoon for Dido’s Banquet to be assembled along with those of other visitors to create a tapestry of drawings inspired by this 17th century cartoon.

Detail from "Arrival of Paris and Helen at the Court of Priam, King of Troy"

Art-Making: Costume Coloring Sheet

Color in a scene from the 16th century tapestry, Arrival of Paris and Helen at the Court of Priam, King of Troy and add your own details to the elaborate dresses and hats.

Drop-in drawing participant

Art-Making: Drop-in Drawing

Pick up a clipboard, paper and pencil and enjoy drawing in the Renaissance gallery. 

Yadin Larochette

Weaving Demonstration

Observe fifth generation tapestry weaver Yadin Larochette demonstrate traditional weaving techniques using a portable loom in the special exhibition galleries.

Poetry by Jacqueline Suskin

Poetry on Demand

The story of Dido & Aeneas has inspired not only visual artists, but also poets. Be the inspiration of your own poem with a personalized poem created and typed up by Jacqueline Suskin.

Harpist in the galleries

Live Music

The galleries come to life with pop-up harp and cello performances inspired by the sounds of the Italian Renaissance and more!

Q & A

Interact with museum staff and learn about Titian, tapestries and the Italian Renaissance.