Composition and Form through Degas: Form and Contour

Composition and Form through Degas: Form and Contour
6:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Melissa Manfull

Join artist Melissa Manfull for a six-session drawing class exploring Degas’s approach to composition and form. Students examine Degas’s many artworks and create their own drawings using experimental techniques and drawing from a live model in one session.

Students explore forms by observing and rendering the edge of Degas’s sculptures using a variety of unusual materials like wire, yarn, tape and torn paper. Contour lines, frottage techniques and positive and negative transfers are explored using graphite and chalk pastel pencils.


All levels of experience are welcome. Each class is $25 ($20 for members), and space is limited to 20 participants. All materials and admission to the galleries on the day of class are included.
Meets in Entrance Gallery