Tips & Guidelines

Special Assistance: The Museum strives to accommodate all of our visitors. You can read a list of our offerings for visitors with special needs here. If your needs are not addressed, please let us know in advance or upon arrival and we are happy to assist.

Protecting the Art: The care and preservation of the art collection is one of the Museum’s most important responsibilities, and our visitors play a role in that effort. Here are ways you can help: Please do not touch the art; please do not use flash photography, tripods, monopods or selfie sticks; large bags or other large personal items (larger than 11 by 15 inches) are not permitted in the museum; backpacks or baby carriers must be worn on the side or front of the body; children may not be carried on a person’s shoulders; running in the galleries is prohibited; food and drink must be consumed in the café area only. 

Mobile Phones: Visitors are welcome to use their mobile devices for texting, taking photos (without flash), listening to our audio tour, or other non-speaking uses anywhere in the Museum. However, for the enjoyment of all of our visitors, we ask that phone calls be made in the main entrance gallery or outside.

Visiting with Children: The Museum welcomes visitors of all ages. For information on how to enjoy the museum experience with your little ones, read our Family Visits page. We also encourage you to review our guidelines above for protecting the art with your little ones prior to your visit. 

Visiting the Sculpture Garden: The Museum’s Sculpture Garden is open to visitors year-round. However, it is closed during heavy rains and sections can remain closed for several days following rains. For the preservation of the garden and the sculpture it contains, please stay on paths, do not touch artworks, and do not feed or disturb wildlife. For your safety, keep a safe distance from the pond’s edge. The garden closes 15 minutes prior to the Museum's closing.

Photography and Filming: Informal, noncommercial photography and filming is permitted in the galleries and gardens. Flash photography, lighting, tripods, monopods, selfie sticks, costumes and props are prohibited. We do not allow professional or commercial photo shoots or filming onsite.

Visitor Conduct: Staff and visitors of the Museum have the right to an environment free from abuse, harassment, and threatening or inappropriate behavior. The Museum reserves the right to remove any person acting in a manner contrary to these guidelines.

Dining: The Garden Café, operated by the Patina Restaurant Group, is located in the Museum’s stunning Sculpture Garden. We offer a range of salads, sandwiches, snacks and beverages, and can assist in planning group lunches as well. The Museum does not allow outside food to be consumed on the grounds (baby food and special needs foods are exempt). Eating and drinking is not permitted inside the galleries. To contact the Garden Café, please call (626) 844-6970. 

Smoking: Smoking anywhere on the Museum’s property is prohibited.

Lost and Found: Lost items that are retrieved are kept safe in our Coat Check Room. You may also contact our Security Department at (626) 449-6840 ext. 4900.

Pets: Service animals are welcome to the Museum, however, we do not allow pets on the Museum grounds. 

Parking: The parking lot is free of charge, but can fill up during peak hours. If you need special parking assistance, please ask an attendant. Visitors are not allowed to leave their cars in our lot and leave Museum grounds. 


Questions? Call our General Information line at (626) 449-6840.