Saturday & The Cook

Saturday by Oge Mora and The Cook by Edouard Vuillard

Saturday by Oge Mora and Édouard Vuillard (French, 1868–1940), The Cook (from Landscapes and Interiors), 1899, color ink on paper, Norton Simon Art Foundation

Featured Book: Saturday, written and illustrated by Oge Mora
Featured Artwork: The Cook (from Landscapes and Interiors) (1899) by Édouard Vuillard (French, 1868–1940)

In Saturday written and illustrated by Oge Mora, a mother and daughter look forward to Saturday—their special day together. But when nothing goes according to plan, the daughter reminds her mother that it’s okay, because what really matters is that they were together.

Édouard Vuillard (French, 1868–1940) had a close relationship with his mother, a dressmaker who inspired his use of color and pattern. In The Cook, Vuillard depicts his mother in a blue, patterned blouse sitting in a kitchen focused on the task in her lap.

Inspired by Saturday and The Cook, make a drawing of a special person that you love spending your days with.

If you don’t have access to the featured book, select something similar from your child’s book shelf or your local library. Many of the books are also available as read-aloud videos online.