Madonna and Child with Adoring Angel
c. 1468
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Botticelli was one of the most individual and influential painters in Florence at the end of the fifteenth century. His melodic, linear designs have been greatly admired and are readily apparent in this panel. This composition is unusually sculptural for the artist. Forms are substantial and their disposition leads the eye into a space firmly defined by the stone parapet and middle ground arcade. The rounded hills of the landscape in the background complete the plasticity of the design. In this work, lyricism is bound to the description of natural data and the suggestion of human grace. The subtle combination of function and decoration in Botticelli's use of line provides the poetry of his paintings.


  • Artist Name: Sandro (Alessandro Filipepi) Botticelli (Italian, c.1444-1510)
  • Title: Madonna and Child with Adoring Angel
  • Date: c. 1468
  • Medium: Tempera on panel
  • Dimensions: 35 x 26-3/4 in. (88.9 x 68 cm)
  • Credit Line: Norton Simon Art Foundation
  • Accession Number: M.1987.2.P
  • Copyright: © Norton Simon Art Foundation

Object Information

Mr. and Mrs. J. Francis Austen, Capel Manor, Horsmonden, Kent, England, from at least 1877 (sale, London, Christie's, 18 March 1921, lot 85, ill., as Amico di Sandro. ?bought-in).
Austen, sold 12 December 1928 to;
[Duveen Bros., London and New York: New York stock no. 29467, sold 1965 to];
Norton Simon Foundation, transferred 1987 to;
Norton Simon Art Foundation.

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