Henry Moore 'Elephant Skull Album' and Selected Bronzes

The Norton Simon Museum presents an exhibition of fifty-two etchings and lithographs by the British sculptor Henry Moore. In addition to the thirteen sculptued works on permanent exhibition, the new display features the Elephant Skull  series of 1969-1970 and the Stonehenge Suite  of 1971-1973.

The Elephant Skull  series consists of thirty-three etchings in which Moore explores the varied forms and textures of an elephant's skull. The artist described the experience of studying and drawing the skull as a discovery of "great deserts and rocky landscapes, big caves in the sides of hills, and great pieces of architecture."

Moore began his Stonehenge Suite  as a series of etchings, but quickly discovered that the proess of lithography made it possible for him to more easily explore the variety of textures and depth of shading he perceived in the ancient monument. Moore has said of this group that he was excited above all "by the monumental power of Stonehenge, by the massive man-worked blocks and by the effects of the time on them."