Kandinsky Paintings and Graphics-Retrospective of Kandinsky's Bauhaus Years

The Norton Simon Museum presents a retrospective of twenty-eight works of Wassily Kandinsky (1866-1944). Selected from the Museum's permanent collection, the exhibit features paintings, watercolors, and graphics from Kandinsky's Bauhaus period, where the artist taught from 1922 until 1933.

The Bauhaus brought together master artists and craftsmen to teach design with an emphasis on functionalism and technology. At the Bauhaus, Kandinsky directed the mural painting workshop and taught analytical drawing, as well as form and color theory. At the school, he pursued both the systematic study of formal elements in his teaching and the intuitive process of pictoral composition in his art.

The Nazis forced the Bauhaus to close in 1933, and because of the political climate, Kandinsky moved to Paris where he lived until his death in 1944.