Minor White Photography

Recognized as one of the most significant photographers of the post-war period, Minor White (1908-1976) worked as an artist, writer, and educator, and his photography was influential throughout the world. In 1946, White met Alfred Stieglitz and embraced his concept of equivalence: that a photograph can be an equivalent or metaphor for an internal state. White extended this concept and approached this art form as a spiritual discipline both for the photographer and the active viewer. His interest in philosophies and psychologies such as Zen, Gerdjieff, and Gestalt were also incorporated into his work and teachings. In 1952, White helped found Aperture, a progressive photographic journal and served as its publisher/editor until 1975. Photographs by Minor White, which consists of twenty-six photographs from the 1960s, includes works from the series Steely Barb of Infinity  and Sequence 15A.