The Sleep of Reason: Selections from Goya's 'Los Caprichos'

The Sleep of Reason: Selections from Goya's 'Los Caprichos'  is an exhibition of etchings by one of Spain’s most famous artists, Francisco de Goya y Lucientes (1746-1828). The exhibition features Los Caprichos, the earliest of Goya’s four engraved series, printed in 1799. Goya’s Los Caprichos  (“Caprices”) are bold caricatures that satirize the Spanish government, the aristocracy, the Church, and the Inquisition. In addition, many of these prints serve as poignant critiques on the artist himself as well as the relations between men and women in general. These works are powerful attacks on the folly and wickedness of Spanish customs and morals. The Norton Simon Museum is renowned for its extensive collections of graphic works by Goya, and Los Caprichos  is one of many print series and rare editions by the artist currently in the Museum’s collection.