Visions of Mexico and the West

Alson Clark is fondly remembered in Visions of Mexico and the West,  a special exhibition of twenty-four lithographs at the Notron Simon Museum. His engaging series of landscapes depicting Mexico and the West extol the virtures of this unique terrain. A native of Chicago, Clark and his family settled in Pasadena in 1920, and he was a vital member of the community. Known principally as a landscape artist, Clark was adept in a variety of mediums, including lithography, watercolor, etching, and drawing, though he was most prolific as a painter. He won early acclaim in the Paris Salons as well as the Annual American Exhibition at the Art Institute of Chicago. Following his service in Worl War I and subsequent move to Pasadena, Clark became fascinated with the panorama of the American west and the exotic beauty of Mexico. He traveled extensively through these regions, attuning his particular talents as a landscape artist to recording the native landscape.