Home and Away: The Printed Works of Ruth Asawa

Ruth Asawa is best known for her ethereal wire sculptures and public fountains; however, her formal training at the famed Black Mountain College in North Carolina was in drawing and design. As Asawa’s works attest, she was an artist who exceled in all mediums. Home and Away features printed works by Asawa while in residence at the Tamarind Lithography Workshop in Los Angeles in 1965. Although Asawa preferred to work from her home studio in San Francisco, in order to be near her husband and six children, in accepting an artist’s fellowship to work at the Tamarind workshop she traveled south. While there she produced intimate portraits of her family and friends back home as well as studies of flowers and chairs. The works chosen for Home and Away include intimate portraits of her children and father as well as a suite of twelve floral prints. Home and Away represents the first time an exhibition has been dedicated to the subject of her family portraits and floral studies.