Interconnectedness Meditation

Interconnectedness Meditation

Ruth Asawa's Desert Plant, 1965

An artist, activist and advocate for arts education, Ruth Asawa grew up surrounded by nature on a vegetable farm in Norwalk, California. Nature was her teacher, and she was inspired by “observing plants, the spiral shell of a snail, seeing light through insect wings, watching spiders repair their webs in the early morning, and seeing the sun through the droplets of water suspended from the tips of pine needles.”  

Looking at this print by Ruth Asawa, we are drawn to the center of the composition where lines begin to branch out and radiate to form patterns. Everything is connected. 

Sit still, take a few deep breaths and contemplate: 

  • The desert plant does not exist without being nurtured by the sun, the air, the rain and the earth 
  • We are also part of nature and nurtured not only by the elements but also by our relationships with other people 
  • Close your eyes and think about the people that have touched your life
  • We are not alone
  • We are all connected