Lecture: Revolutions in Technique: Manet, Monet, and the Impressionists at Work

David Bomford, Chair of the Department of Conservation and Head of European Art, Museum of Fine Arts, Houston
May 9, 2015

Although Manet was closely associated with the Impressionists, he remained quite distinct from the formal group of painters that bore the name. He exhibited in none of the eight Impressionist exhibitions and consistently declined invitations to participate. While the Impressionists—and especially Monet—established clearly defined ways of working, Manet’s technical trajectory is more complex and difficult to define. This lecture explores Manet’s working methods in paintings such as Émile Zola and compares them with the "classic" Impressionist techniques of Monet. By doing so, we come closer to understanding the differing aims and objectives of both artists.

Presented in conjunction with Tête-à-tête: Three Masterpieces from the Musée d’Orsay.